COBIS Mobile Wallet

COBIS Mobile Wallet allows for the use of mobile phones as a financial tool. It functions much like a prepaid card, except the “account” is associated with a mobile phone.

Key uses include:

  • Every day purchases, without having to carry cash
  • The unbanked can participate in the financial system
  • Administration and utilization of new forms of national and international electronic money

There are many possibilities when considering this lucrative solution, however, each country has different regulations concerning the use of electronic money. With experience in 15 countries, COBIS has the infrastructure and expertise to configure and implement the version of Mobile Wallet that will function in your market.

Every day purchases, without having to carry cash.


Factual Data® & COBIS

-Factual Data, one of the nation’s premier providers of credit and data verification services to lenders nationwide, today announced an integration of its credit reporting capabilities with COBIS banking technology.

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COBIS Partners with McorpCX

The partnership combines Cobis’ banking services suite (COBIS UFS) and Mcorp’s customer experience expertise and tools to help Cobis clients in over 15 countries better create, deliver and monitor

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State of Banking Tech in LatAm

Within this framework, COBIS made the first PULSO report, a Latin American survey with the participation of financial entities in 20 countries of the region; where aspects such as the share of investment in

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