COBIS Comply

We automate your compliance to provide you with peace-of-mind

Why COBIS Comply?
COBIS Comply is a customized solution for your compliance and regulatory needs. Our technology is quick to deliver value and straightforward to integrate with your business with features such as policy automation and centralized risk registers and analytics. Our comprehensive risk and compliance management approach empowers you with a digital ecosystem, integrating all your business endpoints with real-time visibility and enforcement to seamlessly prioritize your business goals and ensure your security and privacy.

We help you #EvolveFromWithin
With years in the IT space, we have successfully weathered many generational business changes; an evolution we celebrate. And compliance has always been at the center of our work. Our tailored risk-management systems are automated, flexible, and secure; intentionally designed to complement your strategy and risk appetite, while also harnessing the most-up-to-date technology and business innovations to provide you with the best support.

  • We are agile: We drive effectiveness and efficiencies across our risk and compliance programs to meet applicable laws, regulations, and supervisory expectations.
  • We are human: We provide you with customized support for your compliance needs to help you identify and mitigate risks such as cybersecurity, economic and property losses, fees and sanctions from misinformation, or even reputational risks. We also understand regulator expectations by prioritizing your data quality, availability, security and privacy.
  • We are innovative: We customize controls that not only meet regulatory compliance, but also link to your overall strategy, operational needs, and risk appetite; bringing you peace-of-mind in your regular business undertakings.
  • We are leaders: We understand the changing compliance and market environment from Basel and Dodd-Frank to trends such as rising interest rates and capital requirements; we work every day to strategically serve you and empower you an industry leader.

Our comprehensive risk and compliance management approach empowers you with a digital ecosystem


Foundation banking platform

Compliance with all relevant public and private legal requirements and labor laws

Automated delivery of smart reports and formats with programmable delivery (weekly or monthly)

Our expert technological and operational support

Management and administration tools with configurable profiles and roles

Comprehensive risk framework with intuitive design features to meet regulatory requirements using parameterization of columns, units, and sub-accounts

Historical information repository necessary for the reporting

Smart visualization and analytical capabilities

Flexible and responsive process with defined controls to validate the quality and consistency of data consolidation and to allow for the regular identification of inconsistencies (based on the modules used by control agencies)

XBRL integration for the standardization of identification tags and language to comply with NIIF/IFRS guidelines.



COBIS™ Admin secures the management of users, roles, schedules, branches, and other general parameters and product attributes.


COBIS™ Admin centrally configures:

  • Roles: to control the accessibility of data and system tools.
  • Users: to create, remove, and to assign users to specific departments and roles.
  • Schedules: to administer the permitted system access.
  • Password: to monitor all aspects of key management.

Main Features

  • Full definition of COBIS™ users
  • Various levels of security

Key Differentiators

  • It prioritizes compliance through the administration of audit trails of physical servers.
  • It promises of security through access permissions for officers and employees.
  • It optimizes data and analytics through the securing of user geographic locations, customer platform usage, and regional and branch office distribution.


COBIS™ REC generates smart and flexible reports in compliance with up-to-date regulatory standards and requirements.



COBIS™ REC is a tool that helps automate the reporting needed to meet regulatory compliance. Through data administration and processing, it generates and delivers compliant reports to the different regulatory bodies.

Main Features and Key Differentiators

  • It stores key historical data for reporting needs, such as reprocessing of previous reports, current reporting, and future reports.



COBIS™ TranServer is a transactional and integration engine built to guarantee safe and reliable access, security, and performance. Its innovative design prioritizes the integrity of the whole COBIS™ DP, structured so that all commercial transactions executed in COBIS™ systems must pass through its system.


COBIS™ TranServer enables user-authentication, session management, and authorization, to include: procedures stored in the database and Java methods, management of transaction logs, logging of transaction statistics; control of waiting time in the execution of services and transactions; and scheduling the execution of transactions. Using the powerful COBIS™ TranServ middleware, COBIS™ DP enables the agile and secure processing of transactions to exceed the latest industry standards (JEE/SOA). COBIS™ DP seamlessly presents COBIS™ business logic modules in a simple, yet effective way to natively support SOAP and REST protocols. COBIS DP becomes deployable in vertical and horizontal server clusters to support both scalable and high availability topologies, and adapt to a wide range of usage scenarios. Lastly, the modular design of COBIS™ DP combined with COBIS™ TranServer allows for granular management of its internal components, and permits for controlled and simple implementation of any of its modules. For example, COBIS™ DP easily installs a new authentication module to coexist with its default COBIS™ authentication modules and integrate seamlessly with a specified external authentication service such as a corporate LDAP directory.

Main Features

  • COBIS™ Transaction Executor [Stored Procedures / Services]
  • Traceability of transactions
  • Management of infrastructure resources (logs, database connections)
  • Support mechanisms for compliance with Level 3 PCI

Key Differentiators

  • It is transaction and integration middleware developed specifically for the financial sector. Unlike general integration solutions, Cobis middleware provides unique services that facilitate the identification and execution of financial transactions in a secure way and optimize the IT resources dedicated to the base platform (such as connections to the database, registry levels, among others).
  • It provides complementary mechanisms that optimize the processing of financial transactions such as:
    • 24/7 support allows for transaction processing offline and with timed delay.
    • Scheduling of tasks supports the programming of asynchronous processes for financial transaction processing.
    • Interceptors enables interception of the transaction to vary execution as needed.
    • Brand Exposure, due to the ability to integrate to other systems, gives customers and users exposure  to the COBIS™ experience.
    • Extensibility permits native authentication mechanisms to adapt to those available, such as COBIS™, LDAP, and SiteMinder.
    • Instrumentation measures the execution times of the methods through dynamic configuration.
      • Transactional messaging permits the sending and receiving of messages between users involved in the banking operation.
    • Compatibility with PCI Level 3 ensures secure transmission of confidential card data.



COBIS™ Web Container is a web desktop built for bank employees or customers, to provide them with the access to a customized profile with preferred functionalities to empower them with optimal efficiency and security to complete all their tasks.


COBIS™ Web Container surpasses industry web standards to provide a complete solution to officials and customers of financial institutions that empowers them to carry out their activities in an organized, secure, and efficient way. The web desktop provides authentication mechanisms and controls access to authorized functionalities through customizable menus. This environment allows the user to set language preferences, manage passwords, inbox for notifications, favorite shortcuts, home page, and much more. It is adaptable to different devices, and provides customization mechanisms to establish the look and feel desired to adopt the desired corporate image of your institution.

Main Features

    • Authentication:
      • COBIS™
      • LDAP
    • Multiple languages
    • Implementation Models:
      • Cloud
      • On-Premises
    • Multi-platform
      • FUE
      • WebLogic
      • Jboss

Key Differentiators

    • It allows users to dynamically interact with the solution:
      • Adaptable and flexible web working environment allows users to interact with the solution from different devices.
      • Toolbar (for configuration and work) allows users to access their favorite preferences, quick start, language, and customization of access codes.
      • Agile menu provides users with various search options, such as hierarchical or a quick search.

Technological components




  • SaaS
  • On-premise


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