COBIS Comply

We automate your compliance to provide you with peace-of-mind

COBIS Comply is a customized solution for your compliance and regulatory needs. Our technology is quick to deliver value and straightforward to integrate with your business with features such as policy automation and centralized risk registers and analytics. Our comprehensive risk and compliance management approach empowers you with a digital ecosystem, integrating all your business endpoints with real-time visibility and enforcement to seamlessly prioritize your business goals and ensure your security and privacy.

Main features:

  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Compliance with labor laws
  • Secure decisions and economic growth for the business
  • More peace of mind with financial transactions
  • Prevention of economic and patrimonial losses
  • Prevention of damage to reputation and image

Software that makes sure you are in compliance with the law, lowering the risk of fines or sanctions.


Foundational Banking Platform


Management and administration tools with configurable profiles and roles.


Smart visualization and analytical capabilities.


Compliance with all relevant public and private legal requirements and labor laws.


Comprehensive risk framework with intuitive design features to meet regulatory requirements through parameterization of columns, units and sub-accounts


Flexible and responsive process with defined controls to validate the quality and consistency of data consolidation and to allow regular identification of inconsistencies (according to the modules used by the control agencies)


Automation of reports and intelligent formats with programmable delivery (weekly or monthly)


Deposit of historical information necessary for reporting.


XBRL integration for standardization of identification and language tags to comply with IFRS / IFRS guidelines.


Our expert technological and operational support.


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Founded in 1953, COBIS, is a multinational banking software company based in the US. COBIS (Cooperative Open Banking Information System) is used by more than 70 financial institutions and we have more than 500 technology specialists. COBIS joins financial institutions to identify technological needs and thus develop financial business to accelerate the growth of its value network.

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