COBIS EDGE solutions are “core independent”. While they solve major business processing challenges such as loan and account originations, or managing a client ecosystem, they are not the “final book of record”. Consequently, for control and compliance reasons, the business activity registered in an Edge solution must, at some point, be “onboarded” to the FB’s core system. COBIS Edge modules, being “core-agnostic”, can be integrated and used with COBIS or third party core systems.

COBIS EDGE offers:

  • Availability: access to the product and services 24/7
  • Security: access and control of customers, products and transactions.
  • Centralized channel management: administration and control of channels from a single point.
  • Custom interaction: menus, notifications and customizable service offers.
  • User experience: PCs, smartphones, tablets with the same experience, consistency and consistency

Delightful customer experience with every interaction,
regardless of the channel.

Solutions – COBIS Edge

COBIS Mainstreet

COBIS Mainstreet is an innovative digital solution that allows its small and medium business customers to be the engine of its growth.


COBIS Everywhere

COBIS Everywhere is an omnichannel solution that gives its customers digital access to financial services.


COBIS Omniteller

COBIS OmniTeller is a solution that allows the execution and administration of secure and efficient financial transactions


COBIS Comply

COBIS Comply is a customized solution for your compliance and regulatory needs. Our technology is quick and straightforward

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COBIS XSell is a powerful environment designed to transform your business. Our interactive platform improves the customer relationship model thanks to its flexibility and customization.


COBIS Alterna

COBIS Alterna is a core-agnostic modular solution that empowers you to provide alternative financial services (AFS). Designed with a deep knowledge of AFSs


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