COBIS Commercial

We digitize your evolution to increase your profitability and your customers’ wallet share.

We provide you with a comprehensive core banking system to respond to the challenges of the commercial banking industry. Our rich and compliant functionalities respond to the intense commercial competition from increasing customer demands, proliferating technology pressures, and to new financial challengers. We know technology, but we are not just technology, therefore we want to provide you with adaptable solutions to invest in your digital transformation, retain and grow your business, and increase your profitability.

Main features:

  • Banking Core Platform
  • Omnichannel solution: mobile, Internet, call center, branch, agent, ATM, API
  • Marketing, Sales and Services
  • Analysis, risk and compliance

Focus on scaling. We take care of the rest.


Foundation core banking platform

Omnichannel solution

Our expert technological and operational support

Marketing, Sales, and Services

Risk and Compliance & Analytics

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Founded in 1953, COBIS, is a multinational banking software company based in the US. COBIS (Cooperative Open Banking Information System) is used by more than 70 financial institutions and we have more than 500 technology specialists. COBIS joins financial institutions to identify technological needs and thus develop financial business to accelerate the growth of its value network.

We are agile
We are humans
We are innovative
We are leaders

We focus on business financial advice