COBIS CORE Banking core solutions are the point of calculation and final data recording of a financial institution. Other applications and auxiliary secondary systems are usually connected to the central core systems to feed or receive data from them.

Some characteristics include:


  • Centralized management of customer account and loan data and records
  • Integrated and secure systems management
  • Comprehensive compliance with local, state, and international regulations
  • Process oriented design for the implementation of many financial business models
  • Generation, deployment and agile maintenance of financial products
  • User experience thought of customers
  • Mobility

Core Banking has evolved and the new keywords for banks are flexibility and adaptability.

Solutions – COBIS Core

COBIS Universe

COBIS Universe is a flexible core banking platform that satisfies your evolving market needs and the increasingly heavy regulatory burden in an affordable way and with long-term success.


COBIS Commercial

We provide you with a comprehensive core banking system to respond to the challenges of the commercial banking industry.


COBIS Inclusion

COBIS Inclusion is a comprehensive core solution for credit unions and microfinance institutions. Our solution prioritizes your mission of social impact by taking into account your need for cost efficiency.


COBIS Retail

COBIS Retail is a comprehensive core solution designed to respond your retail finance needs. Our offering embraces the evolving changes of the retail banking industry.


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