Financial agility is part of our DNA. We at Cobiscorp understand our clients’ needs towards innovation and transformation; our proven record of serving financial businesses (FBs) through many years gave us leverage to have the state-of-the-art technology that allows us to adapt COBIS products and services to provide exceptional solutions. Whether a bank, credit union, or another type of FB, COBIS solutions prioritize unique outcomes, drive for operational speed, security and ultimately profitability.

The COBIS™ Digital Platform (“COBIS™ DP”) exemplifies the COBIS drive to provide financial agility. The adaptive and dynamic COBIS™ DP is a set of systems and applications with configurable modules to meet your specific needs and achieve your outcomes. COBIS™ DP is available as individual modules or solution packages and through subscription or licensing.

The holistic design of COBIS DP

COBIS DP is recognized for its robustnes´´´ s, high performance and flexible systems. COBIS DP dispenses an arsenal of powerful workflows, functions and decision rules, so that you and your stakeholders can really focus on your own financial goals, with minimal dependence on software developers or consultants.

  • Our platform is equipped with rapid end-to-end assembly, having a reliable execution of a wide range of complex business processes as well as adapting to multiple systems.
  • Our capacity goes beyond the standard integration point systems that are seen in the market, with customized omnichannel front-end solutions, BPM(Business Process Management) engines or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems.
  • Our platform offers the latest multi-level software architecture: personalized user experience, advanced business processes and rules, reliable connection, secure data integration and storage, intelligent analysis, and much more.
  • COBIS DP is agile. Its design contains building blocks of cohesive software, applications and underlying systems, allowing us to meet the current and future needs of our customers.
  • Robustness, design and a flexible service-oriented architecture are the key to meet our client’s needs. Cloud computing gives financial institutions the ability to compete with the technology that only large-scale institutions offered before; users can exploit the elasticity of modern computing by increasing and reducing its use as necessary and limiting costs to its consumption, instead of making large capital investments. Financial institutions can subscribe to more sophisticated functionality in an affordable way.
  • An example of the agility of our offer is COBIS Designer, our integrated development environment. Like a 3D printer that produces custom blocks, COBIS Designer allows the rapid production of additional software components, all in compliance with the highest quality standards and security-oriented programming. COBIS Designer also regulates programming parameters to allow greater adaptability to new or modified programming languages.

How COBIS DP responds to your needs

We understand the market, so we prioritize rapid and intelligent innovation as well as reliable security.

  • Internal and external digital users demand faster, simpler and more innovative customer experiences (UX), as well as reliable security (cyber security, regulatory compliance and financial control). Our platform is programmed to solve this needs.

  • We use Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to enable seamless and secure integration with cutting-edge and rapidly evolving functions, and often even reside in external systems.
  • Our prioritization of speed and safety allows the selection of critical aspects to rationalize our systems, a more responsible innovation to comply with regulatory statutes and compliance needs, and the optimization of processes to reduce costs and risks.

With the ultimate goal of achieving financial agility, COBIS DP meets the diverse digital needs of the market. Our commitment is to maximize the value of your business in everything we do – from the availability of a wide variety of functional configurations and models, to the ability to serve in a private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

A response to current digital needs

In an era of rapid digital transformation, we see the constant need for innovation not as a threat, but as an opportunity to empower you and your customers. The COBIS offer, both our platform and our working methods, is not only necessary for its success, but it is truly essential. The holistic design of our COBIS DP digital platform and the adoption of SAFe allow you to stand out and become a leader in a saturated market.

The best digital banking platform

The COBIS DP digital platform is a tribute to partnerships with our clients and a testament to our mission to achieve financial agility. Through collaboration to meet the daily needs and long-term objectives of our clients, we designed one of the best digital platforms in the market; being responsive and adaptable with a wide variety of innovative functionalities and the ability to align with various technologies and functions based on data and business models.

Financial institutions

Million final customers

Million daily transactions

million digital transactions

Transactions per second

COBIS™ DP is a market-leading technology platform designed to help FBs achieve outcome-based business results. The technological and financial richness, built-in agility, and innovation-oriented platform not only differentiates COBIS customers from that of other institutions, but truly transforms their whole business.

Its Main Features include:

  • Cloud-enabled and open architecture (for pure or hybrid configurations).
  • Scalable and high volume transaction performance specifications.
  • Modular, service-oriented architecture.
  • Coherent.
  • Relevant, built with agile methodology in close coordination with customer needs.
  • Tested against the highest software and data security standards in the industry.

Our Solutions


COBIS CORE is a set of banking products that originate transactional processing in our solution.





COBIS EDGE modules, being agnostic to CORE, can be integrated and used with COBIS or third-party systems.



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