The importance of Financial Agility

The financial services market will continue to grow more challenging for the foreseeable future, and we believe agility is key to respond to the shifting trends and demands.

After 2008, many practitioners believed the biggest challenges in the financial world would be capital or liquidity management, but now it is clear that market success lies in customer experience. We know that by bringing together your strategic readiness and our operational readiness, we can empower you and your customers with the agility to navigate the evolution of any future market change.

A Response to the Current Digital Needs

In an era of rapid digital transformation, we see the constant need for innovation not as a threat, but as an opportunity to empower you and your customers. The COBIS offering, both our platform and our work methods, is not only necessary for your success, but truly essential. The holistic design of COBIS DP and the intentional adoption of SAFe enables you to stand out and become a leader in a saturated market.

Best-in-class Digital Platform

The COBIS DP is a tribute to the partnerships with our clients and a testament to our mission for financial agility. Through the collaboration to meet the daily needs and long-term goals of our diverse group of FBs, we engineered one of the best digital platforms in the marketplace. This agile platform is responsive and adaptable with a wide assortment of innovative functionalities and an ability to align to various technology and data-driven functions and business models. It possesses relational (retail and commercial banking, credit unions, and microfinance institutions), transactional (payments, remittances, non-bank correspondence, etc.), and general purpose (client management, authentication, etc.) capabilities.

We accelerate your transformation process by aligning your strategy
With technology.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

The lean-agile mindset is another reason we stand out from our competition. Our adoption of SAFe allows us to improve your business agility by accelerating productivity, time-to-market, process and project quality. Our work methods are agile, enabling the unleashing of creativity, knowledge, and productivity; and lean, focusing on leadership, a sustainable flow of value, and eliminating waste and delays. Most importantly, this framework complements COBIS DP, equipping you with the ability to respond effectively to changing customer needs, volatile market conditions, and emerging technologies.


Through the SAFe lean lens, we lower costs, minimize errors, accelerate operating cycles, and maximize efficiency. We can eliminate activities that do not add value, and thus curtail the seven biggest sources of waste: excess production, waiting periods, poor transportation logistics, excess processing, inadequate stock control, duplication of work, and unnecessary movements.


Through the SAFe agile lens, we shape our work to add value quickly, efficiently, and securely with solutions that transform the way of clients and their users work. We adapt our operations to minimize superfluous planning and defining of other requirements, and instead seek to build personalized, intuitive, and incremental solutions. Agile refutes the limiting long-term view that success of a project is only measured by the progress of planned activities. Instead, we focus on the agile generation and delivery of value in small increments to allow for long-term success.

How the SAFe methodology responds to your needs

In an effort to anticipate your changing needs and deliver you with sustainable results, we saw it essential to complement our technology with our agile framework, and in turn to guarantee:

  • An enhanced flexibility in processes and product definitions allow the work teams (made up of Cobis employees and our customers) to adapt to specific needs.
  • The continuous feedback from our customers to generate early and accurate value deliverables, and provide the work teams with continuous progress evaluations, and in turn allow for the necessary corrective measures. Hence, enabling quick and efficient changes in requirements and reducing costly corrections later in the process.
  • The agile development practices and their continuous interactions result in a noticeable improvement in work quality. Unlike most traditional practices, SAFe values quality as an integral part of the iterative process, not something added at the end.
  • The continuous clarification of the requirements during the project progression, thus even if the scope is not fully defined, the client continues to receive value, and our platform seamlessly adapts to meet ongoing needs and challenges.
  • Better communication between the different participants of a project (Cobis, clients, users, etc.)
    These agile practices provide our work teams with autonomy, an ability to self-assess and acknowledge gaps, and as a result an improvement in the overall collaboration and project results. We know that dressed with this refined operational readiness and improved strategic readiness, FBs will achieve the desired digital transformation.

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