Our mission is to empower the digital success
of financial businesses

Our mission is to empower the transformation of your business and customers to attain agility. This powerful evolution will enable you to easily adapt to changes in technology and economic conditions, increase profits and operational efficiencies, and most importantly: add real value to your business and client network. Our solution is grounded on a dynamic partnership with our clients, a necessary combination of your strategic readiness (your vision, mission, core values, and acumen), and our operational readiness (our customizable COBIS DP and lean-agile principles).

Bill Moss – CEO | COBIS
“Partnering with the right technology partner determines not only the success of your financial institution, but the speed at which you can achieve it”.

Our vision is to accelerate the growth of the value network of our clients


Cobiscorp’s client portfolio is comprised of prestigious financial institutions of various sizes and specialties, placing us as one of the leaders in the Latin American market. We make this partnership with our clients a priority, a symbiotic relationship based on the need to achieve financial agility.



  • USA: Terrabank
  • Mexico: Tuiio – Santander
  • Guatemala: Banco Agromercantil 
  • El Salvador: Banco Cuscatlán
  • Colombia: FNA, Banco Agrario, Davivienda
  • Panama: Towerbank, Capital Bank, Global Bank
  • Venezuela: BanCaribe
  • Ecuador: BanEcuador, Banco Amazonas, Banco Finca
  • Bolivia: Banco FIE
  • Argentina: Banco Macro, Banco Hipotecario, Banco de Valores

“COBIS provides an excellent service. The system adapts easily to changes and transformations, even when complex developments are required, because it is flexible and quick to adapt. This is a key aspect for a world in which Banks need to transform and anticipate to the needs of customers, who are increasingly demanding new services and whose experience is key to select a bank. 

julieta albala

COO – Banco Hipotecario, Argentina

“At Banco Valores, we always strive to provide our clients with high quality, timely financial services, and innovative products- always adapting to the constant demands of the market. And in order to do this, we have chosen to implement COBIS Internet and Mobile Banking solutions. This has enabled our clients, operators of the Argentine stock market system, to carry out all their operations safely and reliably, and offers them more and better services. In turn, having implemented these solutions under the COBIS integration platform, has empowered us to integrate with different service providers and public bodies, quickly and easily. It has also enabled us to provide APIs to our clients to automate their interaction with Banco de Valores, directly from their systems, permitting them to reduce costs and gain scale. Without a doubt, if we had to decide again today, we would make the same decision to go with COBIS again.


CTO – Banco de Valores, Argentina

Product Partners

Strategic Partners

Strategic partner on the installation and implementation of the COBIS solution in South America.
Strategic partner on the commercialization of COBIS products in Bolivia.


  • Our processes are ISO certified
  • 65 of our Service Managers and Team Leaders are ITIL certified
  • All our Project Managers are PMP certified.
  • All our Leaders and Executives are certified in Leading SAFe.
  • CMMI Development V2.0 (CMMI-DEV)
  • Certification ISO 9001:2015
  • Certification ISO 27001:2013



  • 2022 Forrester Reports “Now Tech: Digital Banking Processing Platforms (Corporate Banking), Q1- 2022” includes COBIS  as a “Small Player” and “Regional Incumbent” for this banking segment.
  • 2022 Forrester Reporte “Now Tech: Digital Banking Processing Platforms (Retail Banking) Q1- 2022″ includes COBIS  as a “Small Player” and “Regional Incumbent” for this banking segment.
  • 2021 IBS Intelligence Global NeoChallenger Bank Awards COBIS is Regional Winner in Americas in the categorie “Most Innovative Cloud Deployment” along with Surgir from Banco Santander Perú.
  • 2021 Celent publishes the report “Cobiscorp accelerating client migration to the cloud with COBIS SL”.
  • 2021 Forrester includes COBIS in its report “Digital Banking Engagement Platforms, Q1 2021” as a core provider with an advanced banking solution that enables an integrated customer and employee experience.
  • 2021 IBS Intelligence includes COBIS in its report “IBSI SLT 2021” as a Core solution “Leaderboard for the Universal Banking-Core”.
  • 2021 Gartner includes COBIS in its report “Banker’s guide to Core Banking Systems for Latin America”.
  • 2020 IBS Intelligence awards Cobiscorp is winner in the categorie “Most Innovative Project in the Effective DevOps Execution” along with Fondo Nacional del Ahorro (FNA), Colombia.
  • 2020 IBS Intelligence awards Cobiscorp is winner in the categorie “Best Adoption of Tools & Governance in the Retail Payments System Category” along with Falabella Peru.
  • 2020 Forrester recognizes COBIS as one of the 4 top-tier banking core providers for the Latin American region in its latest global survey: “Forrester’s Global Banking Platform Deals Survey 2020”.
  • 2020 Celent article “The Business Model Core Platform” highlights the COBIS core banking system as an enabler of emerging business models.
  • 2020 “IBS Intelligence Annual Sales League Table 2020,” recognizes Cobiscorp as a leader in emerging banking technology in Latin America.
  • 2019 “#2 Most Innovative Digital Lending Platform”, given by IBS Global Fintech Innovation Awards 2019.
  • 2019 “#5 Best Universal Banking System” and “#6 Best Lending System”, given by IBS Journal Sales League Table.
  • 2019 “#3 PremioeXpor 2019”, given by FEDEXPOR.
  • 2019  Gartner highlights COBIS in the “Core Banking Systems Guide for Latin America” ​​as “one of the 6 regional core banking providers” that has driven the digital transformation of banks in the region.
  • 2019 Forrester mentions COBIS as “an important actor in the digital transformation of the region” according to the report “NowTech: Digital banking platforms Q4 2019”.
  • 2019 Celent recognizes COBIS as “a leading player in the region” and “a leading provider of core banking, digital banking and payment platforms for different types of financial institutions” according to the report “The Modern Banking System, Latin America 2019”.
  • 2017 “#1 Core Banking Provider in LatAm”, given by Banking CIO Outlook.
  • 2017 “LatAm Leader”, given by IBS Journal.
  • 2017 “#1 Service Provider”, awarded by FEDEXPOR at the National Exporters Annual Awards.
  • 2016 “#3 PremioeXpor 2016”, given by FEDEXPOR.
  • 2014 Gartner included us as visionaries in the Gartner Magic Quadrant of core banking solutions.
  • 2014 “#2 Software Exporting Company Award”, given by FEDEXPOR.
  • 2013 “#1 Software Exporting Company Award”, given by FEDEXPOR.
  • 2009 “Postage Stamp Award”, in recognition of the company’s success given by Ecuatorian government to COBIS.
  • 2008 “Best Company Story”, named “Líderes” given by Business Journal.2007 “The Innovation Award”, given to our founder, Richard Moss H., by the Vice President of the Ecuatorian Republic.
  • 2007 “Baron of Carondelet Award”, given to our founder, Richard Moss H. in recognition for his contribution to the city as a foreign citizen, which was awarded by the Metropolitan Council in Quito, Ecuador.