Transactional Banking - Cobiscorp

Designed in part as a solution for the unbanked, COBIS Alternative Financial Services is a payment processing system with today’s generation of technology (SOA, Full Web, XML, Web-Services). With its powerful and innovative functionality, it enables the successful and profitable creation/management of a multipurpose payment network.

The multilevel management of the payment network allows flexible and dynamic expansion, as it rapidly incorporates different types of payments through companies specialized or interested in participating in the “Correspondents or Agents” network. Each correspondent or agent is authorized to self-manage and administrate all the parameters necessary to operate and strengthen its business model. The functionality provides complete and flexible control over all the participating companies and types of network payments.

Benefits and features include:

  • Attracts new and diverse customers, expanding business
  • Generates commission and/or fee income
  • Promotes financial inclusion, which has a positive impact on the economy and the lives of the unbanked
  • Automatic checks against national and international lists (i.e. OFAC)
  • Multicurrency capability
  • Audit report generation
  • Security management of officers, users, and profiles
  • Automatic fees and commission charges for services
  • Implementation of payments according to client instructions

COBIS Remittances

COBIS Remittances is a secure and convenient way to offer money transfer services from one country to another. With this solution, it is possible to set up networks of non-bank correspondents to provide remittance services on behalf of financial institutions. Remittances can also be executed through COBIS Internet and Mobile Banking. Some benefits and features of our solution include:

  • Ability to operate remittances from anywhere in the world in the desired currency
  • Generates additional business by attracting a diverse customer base
  • By using a network of non-bank correspondents, operational costs are reduced
  • Limits in-branch traffic due to self-service channels
  • Increases bank revenue through new fee/commission income
  • Anti-money laundering controls

COBIS Bill Payments

This is a convenient method to process bill payments. It is done online and guaranteed to be secure.





COBIS Check Cashing, Withdrawals and Deposits

The Check Cashing, Withdrawals and Deposits service is a convenient way for clients to perform these transactions outside a traditional banking location.

COBIS Money Orders

Create money orders for your clients quickly and easily.

COBIS Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are a convenient way for the unbanked to have plastic-access to money.