Teller - Cobiscorp

Interactions with tellers are one of the easiest ways to make a lasting impression on customers. COBIS Teller makes transactions less stressful and with fewer errors than ever, which allows the teller to focus on creating positive and memorable customer experiences, as well as opportunities to enhance the customer relationship by offering information about additional solutions.

Furthermore, there are risk factors to consider when choosing a teller solution. COBIS Teller covers these risks through mitigation features such as mechanisms for dual control and authorization of large transactions as well as balancing and cash control tools.

Some COBIS Teller features include:

  • Real-time processing
  • High risk transaction authorization mechanisms
  • Seamless offline functionality
  • Teller cash monitor
  • Alerts to supervisors, for instance, when teller cash limits and minimums are reached
  • User friendly operation
  • Messaging system for dual authorization
  • Multicurrency compatibility
  • Communication channel between tellers
  • Balancing tools
  • Vault control
  • Ability to quickly create new workstations
  • Transactions on all products
  • Registry of regulatory operations
  • Administration of store and drawer open and close
  • Transfers of cash between tellers and offices
  • Signature verification for debit transactions
  • Automatic journal entries
  • Bill payments