Mobile Banking - Cobiscorp

The fantastic growth in the use of smart mobile phones is causing a major shift in the way the public does its banking, representing a huge opportunity for financial institutions to enhance relationships with their customers.

COBIS Mobile Banking is completely flexible and scalable, which makes it easy to implement, enhance, and be prepared for the exponential growth in this market.

Some general features of COBIS Mobile Banking include:

  • Flexible software, allowing for easy integration with core systems
  • High security through device activation and registration
  • SMS banking
  • Compatible with social media
  • Location context through GPS with many uses, from branch and ATM locator services to targeted offers based on customer location and context
  • Highly secure and convenient payment solutions
  • Multicurrency capability
  • Corporate and business customers can control company employee access and limits
  • Multilingual
  • Advertisement functionality
  • Automatic alerts
  • Account inquiries