Internet Banking - Cobiscorp

A service in use since the 1990s, internet banking has been made available by the vast majority of banks, but customer experiences vary greatly. Cobiscorp extensively researches internet banking trends and updates software releases to ensure our clients have the right solutions at the right time.

Key COBIS Internet Banking features that address current trends include:

  • Innovative ID security: COBIS Internet Banking uses 2-factor identification using tokens, codes, text messages, CAPTCHA, virtual keyboards, and more.
  • Bill and service payment solutions: COBIS Internet Banking makes it easy to pay for services such as electric bills, recharge of phone minutes, or to pay rent by sending funds to any account at any bank.
  • Rich user experience: COBIS Internet banking features an adaptable appearance, a simple multilingual interface, and personalization.
  • Convenience for business and corporate customers: For business and corporate customers, it allows self-service administration of user access and limits.
  • Flexible software: Can be easily adapted to and integrated with any service infrastructure, thus accelerating implementation.
  • Biometric ID: Our solution offers optional facial recognition technology.