Sales and Service Suite - Cobiscorp

COBIS Sales & Service Suite simplifies everything from identifying sales opportunities to process automation and task organization for sales and service representatives.

Benefits include:

  • Single sign-on
  • Consistent experience using any channel
  • All services and functions located in one portal
  • Business process automation
  • User friendly, web based technology

COBIS Consolidated Customer View

COBIS Consolidated Customer View is a web based tool that allows a 360° customer view. Customer service representatives use it to quickly service their customers and identify the need for new products. Product specialists and loan officers can used it to effectively identify sales opportunities, open new accounts, and take credit applications. Additionally, managers and supervisors can use it to make important business decisions.

Some features include:

  • Easy to read, colorful graphs that display all customer information including deposit balances, loans, collateral, credit limits, and much more
  • Interactive menus that allow for efficient processing of account opening and credit applications
  • Accessibility from any device
  • Single point of entry for all functions related to customer service

COBIS Task Inbox

COBIS Task Inbox organizes and prioritizes tasks of officials involved in workflows.

Key features include:

  • Notifies officials about pending tasks
  • Displays time remaining to complete tasks
  • Displays forms necessary for each task to be attended to
  • Search filters to locate specific tasks
  • Integrates with workflows

COBIS Workflow

COBIS Workflow constructs and administrates business processes related to product origination as well as other types of business processes. For instance, this can include setting up an automated step-by-step process for a loan application or a card claim.

Key characteristics include:

  • Allows configuration of processes, roles, rules and policies
  • Graphically models workflows
  • Integrates operations of COBIS and non-COBIS platforms
  • Registers all information for statistical purposes
  • Administrates users involved in the processes
  • Schedules important tasks
  • Provides version control