Loans - Cobiscorp

COBIS Loans seamlessly manages the complex processes of origination, approval and administration of credit products. This saves valuable human resources, speeds up processes, and allows customers to receive the service they deserve. COBIS Loans is capable of supporting any loan or line of credit type, from microfinance to traditional loans.

COBIS Loan Originator

COBIS Loan Origination defines approval processes for loans, and walks the loan officer through the process using electronic forms.

Some features include:

  • Automatic generation of documentation
  • Customer information verification through internal and external systems
  • Modification of parameters such as payment schedule, installments, and scoring processes to prequalify loans
  • Collateral registration
  • Business process management software can be integrated
  • Allows the loan officer to scan in important documents, attaching them to the process
  • Can be integrated with a document manager
  • Integration of external users in certain tasks

COBIS Collateral

COBIS Collateral automates processes of collateral registration. After collateral is entered for a loan, it can be updated, changed, and modified following an approval process for reasons such as depreciation or damage. Also, new collateral can be linked to existing loans.

Some general features include:

  • Hierarchical structure of collateral types
  • Entry of variable information for each collateral type
  • Registration of collateral, guarantors, and securities in custody
  • Administration of appraisals and repossessions
  • Deposit account collateral management (such as a CDs for collateral)
  • Automatic accounting

COBIS Portfolio


COBIS Portfolio keeps track of individual and groups of loans. It manages restructurings, refinancing, and updating of terms on existing loans.

Key features include:

  • Manages the entire life cycle of microcredit, commercial, consumer, and mortgage loans
  • Multicurrency capable
  • Highly configurable:
    • Items such as principal, interest, commissions, insurance, late fees, etc.
    • Variable amortization tables (French, German, manual)
    • Interest rates (fixed, variable)
    • In case of new government regulations, loans can be quickly modified
  • Automatic accounting
  • Online backdating capability
  • Simulator: for example, a customer wants to know how an extra principal payment will affect the life of the loan, this tool simulates the scenario