Financial Administration - Cobiscorp

COBIS Financial Administration includes products that allow management of cash flow through a financial institution, banking services creation and administration, as well as trade finance solutions.

COBIS Treasury Management

Correctly managed, treasury operations contribute a great deal to bank income. Because of increased capital requirements, as well as new regulations, robust treasury management software is required to ensure liquidity, manage risk, and administrate complex trades with financial instruments such as derivatives.

Some of our treasury management solution features are:

  • Foreign exchange (swap, spot, forward)
  • Money market (repo, reverse repo, term repo)
  • Management of loans between financial institutions
  • Financial instrument management
  • Trader monitor
  • Multicurrency
  • Position inquiry using real-time market data
  • Report generation
  • Automatic accounting
  • Multicompany

COBIS Banking Services

This product seamlessly creates, configures, and manages certain banking services, which saves time and allows financial institutions to quickly adapt to market realities and regulatory changes.

Services that can be administrated with this product are:

  • Buying and selling of foreign currencies
  • Money orders
  • Cashier’s checks

Some features include:

  • Assign fees, commissions, policies and taxes that are configurable to the location and product type to be charged (i.e. type of checking account)
  • Services can easily be activated or deactivated for the whole institution or a particular branch location

COBIS Trade Finance

Many corporations and small businesses are involved in imports of materials and exports of their products. In order to mitigate risk and take advantage of important opportunities, they seek trade finance services. To support them in their business activities, financial institutions offer these services because they are a source of fee income, loan generation, and an excellent way to help businesses grow.

COBIS Trade Finance uses International Chamber of Commerce best practices for the management of trade documents, and we have a team of experts with many years of experience in design and maintenance of trade finance solutions.

Our solution includes administration of:

  • Import, export and domestic letters of credit
  • Promissory notes
  • Import and export collections
  • Bank and standby guarantees
  • Wire transfers
  • Transaction reversals

Some features include:

  • Multicurrency (which includes buying and selling of the implied currencies)
  • Report generation
  • Automatic accounting