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Just like consumer needs are changing due to the technological revolution, there are major shifting needs of corporations. After the financial crisis of 2008, increased regulations created the need for highly configurable systems so that financial institutions and corporations could be in compliance and manage risk effectively.

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Credit Unions

Is your financial institution using outdated technology? If so, you may find that some of your members are deciding to take their business elsewhere, and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to attain new members. COBIS has a long history of working with credit unions to modernize an enhance their banking systems. We offer an … Continued

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One of the most important strategic initiatives of COBIS is to create financial inclusion for everyone, including the poor, because it spurs economic development, strengthens communities, and opens a bridge to the future for financial services. Microfinance includes a broad range of financial services, from very small savings accounts to microcredit products. Key features of our … Continued

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